Tuesday, November 6, 2012


A few -- cough -- all right, a little more than a few screen-caps from the under-appreciated "Scoop", the 1987 LWT film of Evelyn Waugh's satire of war journalism. We can't help admiring, too, Sverre Anker Ousdal's volte-face from his role as Roald Amundsen to this one, only a year or two later, as clichéd as some might find inebriated Swedes. It's satire.

Book 2, 2.1.

"You are comfortable at the Liberty, yes, no?" 

"No," said William and Corker simultaneously. 

"I suppose not," said Olafsen. "Mrs Jackson is a very religious woman. She comes every Sunday to our musical evening. But I suppose you are not comfortable. Do you know my friends Shumble and Whelper and Pigge?" 


"They are very nice gentlemen, and very clever. They say they are not comfortable, too." The thought of so much discomfort seemed to overwhelm the Swede. He gazed over the heads of his guests with huge, pale eyes that seemed to see illimitable, receding vistas of discomfort, and himself a blinded and shackled Samson with his bandages and bibles and hot, strong coffee scarcely able to shift a pebble from the vast mountain which oppressed humanity. He sighed. 

"Well, we must go to the station," said Corker.