Thursday, July 31, 2008


Genre: History/Biographical
Language: Norwegian
Running time: 159 minutes

Directed by Jan Troell
Written by Per Olov Enquist

Cast includes:

Max von Sydow as Knut Hamsun
Ghita Nørby as Marie Hamsun
Sverre Anker Ousdal as Vidkun Quisling

Overview: "This powerful Scandinavian biopic chronicles the fall of one of Norway's most respected authors, Knut Hamsun (played by Max von Sydow in one of his most acclaimed performances) who up until WW II was considered one of the greatest Norwegians of the 20th century. At the dawn of the war, the Nobel Prize winning author shocked his countrymen by publicly siding with the Nazis. His wife Marie took it a step further and went to Germany to give lectures. Following the war, both were convicted and branded as traitors. 'Hamsun' attempts to answer the questions surrounding the author and his wife's treachery. By the time the war erupted, Hamsun was an elderly curmudgeon who could barely hear. A profoundly lonely man with hatred of British Imperialism, he was an easy target for Nazi propaganda. His wife Marie, who in Norway is still more vilified than her husband, also had her reasons to support the German party, but while though-provoking, they don't invite much sympathy. (Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide)"

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