Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Sånt är livet"

"Sånt är livet"
Alternate title: "Such is Life"
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Language: Swedish, Norwegian
Running time: 126 minutes

Written and directed by Colin Nutley

Cast includes:

Helena Bergström as Tin-Tin Matsson
Lena Nyman as Siv Matsson
Sverre Anker Ousdal as Harald Knoop

Overview: "With only two weeks to go before she turns the dreaded 30, Tin-Tin (Bergström), a Swedish piano player hastily tries to achieve her two highest goals: to perform in the lounge of the Grand Hotel in Stockholm and to find a husband. Tin-Tin's endeavors provide the basis of this black Swedish comedy. She has a live-in lover, but Paul, who hosts the popular radio call-in show "Such Is Life," shows little interest in serious commitment, even though the subject of his series is how to make relationships work. Tin-Tin is also the object of her manager Stef's hottest fantasies. Olle, the owner of a large hotel has similar designs, though he is married. All of them are floored when she suddenly announces that she is marrying a Norwegian industrial tycoon in a tiny, picturesque northern town. That wedding is where the bulk of the film's most darkly humorous moments occurs. (Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide)"

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