Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Sista dansen"

"Sista dansen"
Alternate title: "The Last Dance"
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Language: Swedish
Running time: 113 minutes

Written and directed by Colin Nutley

Cast includes:

Helena Bergström as Tove Särlefalk
Reine Brynolfsson as Claes Särlefalk
Ewa Fröling as Liselott Waltner
Peter Andersson as Lennart Waltner
Sverre Anker Ousdal as Opera Manager

Overview: "Tove and Claes Sarlefalk (Bergstrom and Brynolfsson) and Liselott and Lennart Waltner (Froling and Andersson) have known one another for years. At one time the two couples were good friends, but they have drifted apart recently. Both couples compete internationally as ballroom dancers, and both are very good, but the Waltners are better. They keep winning competition after competition, leaving the Salefalks in the dust. After a while, Tove just can't bear it, which is why, by the time they gather for the funeral of Claes' mother, they haven't spoken for almost a year. Meeting at the funeral, they attempt to renew their relationthip, and take a vacation together in Barbados. However, close proximity only makes the tension worse. Another thing which bugs Tove is that she is sterile and can't have children, while Liselott gets pregnant and has one abortion after another. Things come to a head during a competition at Blackpool, an oceanside resort in northern England. (Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide)"

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