Sunday, July 20, 2008

"The Island at the Top of the World"

In this adventure/fantasy Disney movie about a long-lost tribe of Vikings in the Arctic, Sverre Ousdal [sic] has a small but peripheral role as -- what else? -- a Viking. That's him behind the bow.

"The Island at the Top of the World"
Genre: Adventure/Fantasy
Language: English
Running Time: 95 minutes

Directed by Robert Stevenson

Cast includes:

David Hartman as Professor Ivarsson
Donald Sinden as Sir Anthony Ross
Mako as Oomiak
Sverre Ousdal as Gunnar

Synopsis: "This Disney family adventure, directed by Robert Stevenson in his Jules Verne mode, concern a group of explorers who travel to the Arctic Circle in 1908 to explore the uncharted wastes of the North Pole. Sir Anthony Ross (Sinden), a rich Londoner, organizes an Arctic exploration team in hopes of locating his missing son. Providing expert advice is Prof. John Ivarson (Hartman), a professor of Nordic history. As the group explores the frozen tundra, they come across an unknown valley, skirting the borders of a giant volcano, that turns out to be a lost Viking kingdom. -- Paul Brenner, All Movie Guide."

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