Monday, August 4, 2008

"The Secret Life of Words"

"The Secret Life of Words"
Genre: Drama
Language: English
Running time: 112 minutes

Written and directed by Isabel Coixet

Cast includes:

Sarah Polley as Hanna
Tim Robbins as Josef
Sverre Ousdal as Dimitri
Javier Cámara as Simon

Overview: "In 'The Secret Life of Words,' the radiant Canadian actress Sarah Polley shrinks into the role of Hanna, a crumpled, hearing-impaired young factory worker with an Eastern European accent who lives somewhere in Britain. Numbly discharging the rituals of daily life, Hanna rarely speaks and prefers to seal herself in silence by turning off her hearing aid. Her drab routine is interrupted by a summons from her boss, who commends her for punctuality and perfect attendance in the four years she has worked at the factory. But her rigidity and remoteness and her refusal to take time off, he says, have prompted complaints from her co-workers; she must take a vacation. Thus begins Hanna’s awakening. The movie, written and directed by the Spanish filmmaker Isabel Coixet, whose last feature, 'My Life Without Me,' also starred Ms. Polley, prolongs the mystery of her identity until well after the halfway point. Then it explodes into a catharsis. (Stephen Holden, The New York Times)"

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