Monday, August 4, 2008



Norwegian Films 1999/NFI

"Marianne Hovden is a young reporter whose father lies dying in the hospital. Her father asks that she burn some documents he has entrusted to her and extracts a promise from her not to look at the papers. When Marianne's boyfriend Peter Olin breaks that promise they are both shocked at the contents. The documents are letters accusing Marianne's father of murder and newspaper clippings connecting the letters to the murder of a young woman in a town where her father was the parish priest 25 years ago. Marianne discovers evidence which points towards her father's involvement.

Marianne does not believe her father is guilty and wants to prove his innocence before he dies. She acquires an alias and goes to the town where her father was accused. Under the pretext of working on a story she investigates the twenty-five year old events. Gradually she gets to know the people involved with the crime and discovers that the unsolved murder still ignites strong feelings. In the process, Marianne begins to doubt her father's innocence. When her true identity is revealed the powers-to-be are set in motion."

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