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"Folk flest bor i Kina"

"Folk flest bor i Kina"
Alternative titles: "Utopia -- Nobody Is Perfect in a Perfect Country", "Most People Live In China"
Genre: Satire/Political
Language: Norwegian
Running time: 95 minutes

Written and directed by Thomas Robsahm et al.

Cast includes:

Sverre Anker Ousdal as Martin (segment "Passasjerene")
Marianne Krogness as Tuva (segment "Passasjerene")

Overview: "Folk Flest Bor I Kina (Most People Live in China) is a political satire from Norway, consisting of nine separate episodes each reflecting a different Norwegian political party. The central figure is lonely rural gas station owner Lasse (Trond Hovik), who is somehow brought into each segment. The stories include "Lasses drom," "Dressman," "Grenselos Kjaerlighet," "Hemat," "Den Lille Bedriften," "Redd Barna," "Pokemon Power," "Passasjerne," and "De Beste Gar Forst." (Andrea LeVasseur, All Movie Guide)"

Short summary: "The wooded heartland of Norway swoops by underneath. It's the day before Election Day. We land by a gas station, stuck in the middle of nowhere. Lasse runs the station. That is, when he hasn't excused himself to work on his con-amore project: re-building an old Tiger Moth aeroplane. Lasse dreams of once swooping over the Norwegian heartland himself. Lasse's gas station becomes the focal point of eight intertwined stories, all based on the different philosophies of Norway's eight major political parties: A man gets a nasty surprise as he steps out of his car to enjoy a refreshing skinny dip. A location's scout looses her mind as a cow eats her communicator. A policeman faces a dilemma as he meets an illegal family along the roadside. A blind girl and her little brother sell lottery tickets to benefit blind children in Africa. A boy falls in love with the girl at the gas station, but his bad friend stands in the way. A middle-aged man picks up a young hitchhiker, thus confronting the short-comings of his own life. Three girls, on their way to go sailing, have engine trouble and receive help from an old man in a pyjamas. Nine old men, hiking in the woods, meet a young girl stuck in a swamp. An off beat comedy about love and how to obtain a better life.... The Passengers (The Socialist Left Party)Dir: Martin Asphaug Screenplay: Nikolaj Frobenius. [NFI]"

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